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VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Based on our unique experience and know-how of Activated Carbon usage for hazardous gas flows in a large number of HTF Ullage systems at Solar Thermal Electric Power Plants, Vonen Engineering is able to design and offer you secure VOC Purification Systems.

VOC-VONEN Activated Carbon Filters

We design, test and fabricate tailor-made filters for your needs to eliminate the gaseous hazards in your production process.

ATEX Certified Adsorption Measurement and Control

VOC-VONEN Activated Carbon Filters can be equipped with a measuring system to guarantee correct timing of the replacement of activated carbon as well as control of efficient use of the adsorbent.


Photo: CA-HTF VONEN P Filter with an activated carbon Saturation Measurement System.

The Measurement System warns the maintenance personnel of the saturation of the adsorbent.

Filtration Efficiency and Capacity have been tested at independent laboratories;
Benzene Concentration after filter: < 0.01 ppm;

Capacity: >500 kg VOCs before break-through of vapors;
Pressure Drop: < 0.1 bar at 2.000 m3/h;

ATEX Certificied.


ATEX Certified Lead&Lag Filtration System

VOC-VONEN L&L Filtration Systems are designed for a continuous filtration during maintenance and for an efficient use of adsorbent. The Lead&Lag system permits the maintenance personnel to change the filtration order of the two filters of the system, or to shut down one of the filter units for maintenance, while the other unit continues in operation.

ATEX Certified VONEN Lead&Lag VOC Filtration System.




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VONEN  Activated Carbons

We are capable of designing, testing and fabricating tailor-made activated carbons for your needs to eliminate the gaseous hazards produced in your production process.

VONEN activated carbons are delivered in 500 kg Maxi Bags, which allow easy loading into the filter. For urgent carbon deliveries, we can provide you with smaller quantities in 25 kg bags.

Gas & Chemical Agent Filter Design

More VONEN Vent Filters


CH-TBF VONEN Tank Breather Filters for gaseous, particulate and microbial contaminants.

CA-HTF VONEN for HTF Ullage System Vents at Solar Thermal Power Stations.

Tank Breather Filters for the Elimination of CO2:

CO2 Absorbers for Demineralized Water Tank Vents

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