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Tailored High Security Filtration Principle


NBC (Nuclear/Particle - Biological - Chemical) Filtration

To build efficiency in the filtration process, we tailor, test and add different filtration modules to make the product fit client needs. To do this and to ensure a viable end product, we need components producing high filtration efficiency and causing low pressure drop for the complete system. In some cases, we compensate the increased pressure drop by a fan.


Success in Reducing Pressure Drop in Particle Filtration

A filter's resistance to the airstream passing through the device, is called Pressure Drop. It is measured as the difference between the entering and exiting Static Pressures of air before and after the filter.

Pressure drop should be kept reasonably low due to the larger fan horsepower and energy required to maintain design airflows. A doubling of pressure drop (PD) will double the required fan horsepower (BHP) (i.e. BHP = K x CFM x PD). Also, increased pressure drop tends to increase pressure differential between airstreams in a ventilation system, which can be undesirable.

Our success in the task of reducing the pressure drop caused especially by the particle filtration module of our filtration solutions, allows us to provide our clients with tailor-made, High Security Air Filtration Solutions for completely new application areas. These solutions are now available for such buildings, air conditioning systems, vehicles and equipment, where High Security Filtration solutions have until now, not been available.          

Examples of Solutions

   Filtration System for SARS Ambulances
   Operating Room Microbe Free Ventilation
   Protection of Laboratory Bacterial Culture
   Filtration System for Day Care Center for Allergic Children
   Carbon Dioxide CO2 Filtration in Conference Rooms
   Integration of Security Filters in vehicles,
                equipment, furniture and lamps


Laboratory Test Results Available for Our Different Filtration Solutions:

All our filtration technologies have been tested by respected laboratories.


Impartial Laboratory and Field Test Results:


Filtration of Ultra Fine Particles (0.1 μm) - VTT  - The Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT)

-  Filter Quality Comparison: EU6, EU7, EU8, HEPA10, VONENBC , HEPA13, ULPA15 - VTT

Filtration of Microbes, Bacteria and Viruses - VTT

Filtration of Various Chemical Agents and Gases - The Helsinki University of Technology

Filtration of Carbon Dioxide CO2 - The Helsinki University of Technology

-  Measurements of Filtration Efficiencies and Air Flow Rates

-  Allergy House Children's Day Care Center Particle Filtration Efficiency Measurements

-  Tobacco Smoke Filtration Research Report


If you are interested in these or other laboratory test results, please contact us.


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