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Specialty Materials



We develop, produce and sell materials to research centres, schools, universities and industry. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for an offer. We keep in stock or regularly produce the following products:

  • Electricity Conducting Carbons and Carbon Nano Tubes

  • Catalyst Materials

  • Electrodes



Electricity Conducting Carbons and Carbon Nano Tubes


-Multi Wall Carbon Nano Tubes (MWNT)
-Ketjenblack carbon (catalyst carrier)
-Carbon soot



Catalyst Materials


We Develop and Produce Catalyst Materials, Diffusion Materials and Cylindrical and Planar Electrodes.

Catalyst materials in production include:

- Cobalt porphyrine catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction, CoTPP
- Spinel catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction, MnCo2 O4
- Pyrochlorine catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
, Pb2RuIrO7
- Perovskite catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction, La0 , 1Ca0 ,9MnO3
- Raney Nickel catalyst for hydrogen oxidation reaction
- All materials are also available hydrophobically PTFE treated





Through our suppliers and the Helsinki University of Technology, we have a long experience in the development and manufacturing of cathode and anode electrodes. We produce these electrodes according to your needs.


Specifications of our Standard Raney Nickel Catalyst Electrodes


     Raney Nickel Electrode, 60 mm:  






    Diffusion Layer           Catalyst Side


Capacity (values for hydrogen oxidation):

i = 100 mA/cm2 U = -818mV vrs. Hg/HgO ref.

i = 130 mA/cm2 U = -760mV vrs. Hg/HgO ref.



                                 Raney Nickel Electrode, 330 mm x 125 mm x 1,2 mm:

         A very useful equipment in cutting the electrode is a Guillotine Paper Cutter (upper left corner).




Other Specialty Materials

We design NBC Filter Media as an OEM component for Equipment Manufacturers and other Value Added Resellers. We offer Special Filter Media Design by Materials and by Size and Form of the Media. For more information, see  Gas Absorbents and Materials Producing Chemical Reactions with Gases .