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Specialty Materials
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-  Gas Absorbents and Materials Producing
     Chemical Reactions with Gases


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Some Customers of the VONEN Group:


Energy Sector:

VONEN Group's customer base consists of approx. 200 Power Plant Operators with over 300 filtration units. We have delivered the first CO2 Absorption units for demi water tanks at power stations in 2007. In the following, we have listed a couple of our power plant customers:

·         ACCIONA, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plants, Spain:

   o   Orellana la Vieja, Spain, 1 unit

   o   La Risca, Spain, 1 unit

·         Aliveri Power Plant (METKA S.A.), Greece, 2 units

·         BRAZI CCPP (METKA S.A.), Romania, 2 units

·         CODELCO , Central Termoeléctrica SALAR (Constructora Gardilcic / edf Ingenieros), Chile, 1 unit

·         DEIR ALI II CCPP (METKA S.A. / PHILIPPOPOULOS S.A.), Damascus, Syria, 3 units

·         GDF Suez Thermique, Centrale électrique de SPEM, Montoir, France, 2 units

·         Jönköping Energi Combined Heat and Power plant (VALMET OYJ / Flootech), Sweden, 1 unit

·         Latvenergo AS, Latvia, 1 unit

·         MINISTRY OF ELECTRICITY OF IRAQ,  Taji Power Plant, (URUK Engineering and Contracting), Iraq, 1 unit

·         Montes del Plata, Stora-Enso OYJ AB (GDF-Suez/Degremont), World’s largest Pulp Mill, Uruguay, 3 units

·         NextEra Energy, Inc.- TERMOSOL-1 Thermosolar Power plant, Badajoz, Spain, 2 units

·         Renovables SAMCA, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plants, Spain:

   o   Dehesa, 3 units

   o   La Florida, 3 units

·         SOLEVAL Renovables, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant Lebrija 1, Spain, 2 units


·         TERNA S.A., Megalopolis CCPP Unit V, (METKA S.A.), Greece, 3 units

·         Union Fenosa, Combined Cycle power station at Sabón, (Grupo ACS / Grupo Cobra), Spain, 1 unit

·         Veolia Water Solutions Oil and Gas, Estaleiro ARTELIA AMBIENTE, Sines, Portugal, 2 units.

Elimination of Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) Degradation Vapors (Low-Boilers) at Solar Thermal Electric Power Stations:

·         ACCIONA, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plants, Spain:

   o   La Risca, 2 units

   o   Palma del Río I, 2 units

   o   Palma del Río II, 2 units

   o   Majadas del Tietar, 1 unit

   o   Orellana la Vieja, 2 units

·         UTE Africasolar, 1 unit


CIRCE Foundation - A project financed by the Ministry of Education and Sciences (MEC) and the European Union (EU), for the construction of Spain's first Oxycombustion Plant (100 kW), ZARAGOZA, Spain - Heat Recovery


Engineering Sector:

  • edf Ingenieros, Chile

  • GDF-Suez/Degremont, France/Chile

  • GDF Suez Thermique, France

  • Grupo ACS / Grupo Cobra, Spain

  • IDOM, Spain

  • METKA S.A., Greece


  • URUK Engineering and Contracting, Dubai, UAE

  • VALMET OYJ, Finland

  • Veolia Water Solutions Oil and Gas, France


Environmental Sector:

  • ATLAS Gestión Medio Ambiental, S.A. / Grupo COMSA, Castellón, Cataluña, Spain

  • Baltecma Gestion de Residuos Industriales S.L. / FCC Medio Ambiente S.A., Marratxi, Mallorca, Spain

  • Mac Insular S.L., Mallorca, Spain


Public Sector:

  • Spanish Royal Mint - La Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre - Real Casa de la Moneda, Madrid, Spain - Air Filtration

Hostal Sector:

Educational Sector:

  • The University of Vigo - Universidad de Vigo, Vigo, Spain - Fuel Cells

  • The Buenos Aires Technological Institute - Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires, Argentina - Specialty Materials

Cleaning Sector:

  • Grupo EULEN, Madrid, Spain

  • BMS Technologies, Madrid, Spain


Maintenance Sector:

  • Grupo EULEN, Madrid