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Paricle Filtration and Pressure Drop


Filtration of Fine and Ultra Fine Particles

In our particle filtration solutions, we use the VONENBC  3rd generation filter bags. The VONENBC Particulate Filter Captures Ultra Fine Particles, including particles smaller than 0.1 μm. The high efficiency low-pressure-drop filter media, used with a charger for ultra fine particles, allows high efficiency designs in applications where few or no other technologies are viable.


Low Pressure Drop

Due to its innovative Filter Media Structure, the VONENBC 's HEPA 10 level Filtration Efficiency is obtained with an EU7 (F7) grade low pressure drop. This fact means, that utilizing the VONENBC  Technology, a HEPA level fitration efficiency can be brought to completely new environments. These environments include, among others, a vast majority of property and buildings with central Air Conditioning as well as various sorts of equipment and transportation vehicles.


Further, this increased security can be deployed with a radically smaller increment in Ventilation Energy Consumption compared with competing technologies.

Verified VONENBC  Filtration Quality

Two main factors determine the Filtered Air Quality:

1. Filtration Efficiency of the Filter      Cleanliness of Air

2. The Air Flow Resistance (Pressure Drop) of the Filter   →   Adequacy of Ventilation Rate, i.e.
too High Air Flow Resistance results in poor ventilation and, therefore, a Poor Indoor Air Quality.


Poor ventilation results in less circulation of air, which leads to
higher pollutant concentration in the Indoor Air. This has been
shown in the tests of The Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT):




The Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT) is a state-owned, impartial laboratory, well respected globally for its work in various fields of science and technology. The research center has made scientific comparisons of present air filtration technologies. These comparisons have been based on the Filter Quality Factor, defined as





Laboratory Test Results Available for Our Different Filtration Solutions:

All our filtration technologies have been tested by respected laboratories.


Impartial Laboratory and Field Test Results:


Filtration of Ultra Fine Particles (0.1 μm) - VTT  - The Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT)

-  Filter Quality Comparison: EU6, EU7, EU8, HEPA10, VONENBC, HEPA13, ULPA15 - VTT

Filtration of Microbes, Bacteria and Viruses - VTT

Filtration of Various Chemical Agents and Gases - The Helsinki University of Technology

Filtration of Carbon Dioxide CO2 - The Helsinki University of Technology

-  Measurements of Filtration Efficiencies and Air Flow Rates

-  Allergy House Children's Day Care Center Particle Filtration Efficiency Measurements

-  Tobacco Smoke Filtration Research Report


If you are interested in these or other laboratory test results, please contact us.




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