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- Industrial CO2 Filtration and Recovery

Tailoring a Solution to Your CO2 Filtration Needs

We design CO2 Filtration and Recovery solutions for industrial and laboratory use. We have two technologies available:

VONEN CO2 Filtration and Recovery technologies:
1) Amine as the CO2 adsorbent (Patented)
     -   Service life of  > 5.000 cycles of filtration;
     -   Up to 20 years' autonomy;
     -   Maintenance-Free;
     -   Automatic regeneration of the filter;
     -   Voltage: 110/230 V.
2) Soda Lime as the CO2 adsorbent
     -   Disposable cartridges;
     -   No need for electrical power.


Some examples of our CO2 Filtration and Recovery solutions:

CO2 Tank Breather Filters for Demineralized and Condensate Water
We offer
Water Tank Breather Filters to eliminate CO2 in the air inlet of demineralized and condensate water tanks. See Water Tank Breather Filters for CO2

CO2 Emission Control
We design Industrial solutions to eliminate smaller quantities of Carbon Dioxide CO2 in Combustion gases.

CO2 Filters for Laboratories
We design Industrial solutions to eliminate and/or recover 100% of Carbon Dioxide CO2 in Laboratory processes.

ASCO2 - Systems for Greenhouse CO2 Fertilization
We offer ASCO2 Automatic Systems to transfer CO2 from outdoor air to Greenhouses - See: ASCO2 Greenhouse.

ASCO2 - Automatic Systems for CO2 Recovery and Storage
In many situations it can be economically reasonable to recover Carbon Dioxide of combustion gases or outdoor air for use in industrial processes. We can provide our clients with Automatic CO2 Recovery & Storage Systems that recover carbon dioxide from air/gases and automatically store the CO2 in high-pressure gas bottles.

FRESCO2 - Air Purifiers for Offices and Meeting Rooms
FRESCO2 Air Purifiers

Tailoring a Solution to Your CO2 Filtration or CO2 Recovery Needs

In order for us to be able to design a carbon dioxide elimination and/or recovery system for your needs, we need to know the following:

What is the objective for the use of the system? Could our FRESCO2 Air Purifiers be a solution to your CO2 filtration needs? (See: FRESCO2 Air Purifiers ) If the FRESCO2 Air Purifiers are not adequate, to start with, we would need the following information:

1. What is the maximum air-/gasflow (m3/h, l/s, CFM) to be filtered?
2. What is the Temperature approximately of the air-/gasflow at entering the filter?
3. What is the
composition of Gases, Vapours and Particles contained in the gasflow at entering the filter?
3.A.  What is the
Composition of Gases and Vapours contained in the gasflow at entering the filter?
3.B.  What is the Quantity and Composition of Solid Materials and Particles contained in the gasflow per m3 or ft3 at entering the filter?
What is the CO2 Filtration Efficiency required?
5. What is the maximum Pressure Drop permitted for the filter?
6. Is electrical power available for the filter?
6.A. What is the Voltage available?
7. What type of connection (e.g. of the ductwork of premises or equipment) that you possibly need for the filter?
8. How much space (dimensions) is available for the installation of the filtration system?
9. What is the internal pressure of the system in which the CO2 filter is to be installed?

We look forward to your contact:


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Vonen Engineering, S.L.

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Description of the ASCO2 Technology
FRESCO2 Air Purifiers - for Better Quality of Indoor Air
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