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VONEN Hydrogen Purifiers& Hydrogen Purification Systems


The H2-MHS VONEN Hydrogen Purification System Allows continuous purification, storage and use of hydrogen gas. The system is based on the use of the H2-MHS VONEN hydrogen storages' metal hydride, which only absorbs hydrogen and rejects most contaminants like oxygen, water and nitrogen.

In theH2-MHS VONEN hydrogen is not stored in gaseous form, but is adsorbed into a metal hydride’s crystal structure. The energy densities that can be achieved using the VONEN metal hydride are high. Another advantage of using VONEN metal hydride is the low storage pressure, just 2-4 bar depending on the temperature and the amount of hydrogen that the storage unit contains.

Since only hydrogen is stored in the metal hydride, the H2 gas purity at the outlet is above 99.999% (99.99973% in our latest tests). As the H2-MHS VONEN  storage units do not suffer from self-discharge, hydrogen can, if necessary also be stored in the purification system for years without any loss of energy.

The Structure and Operation of the H2-MHS VONEN Hydrogen Purification System

The H2-MHS VONEN purification system consists of 1) a Condenser (dehumidification of H2) and 2) e.g. three Metal Hydride Storages (see the image below). Each Storage is equipped with a heat exchanger to allow automatic control of the pressure of the H2. The system allows continuous purification, storage and use of purified hydrogen.


See the results of a test where H2 is purified from contaminants (oxygen & nitrogen): pdf document.

For more information on our H2 purification and storage systems, please contact us.

Design of Tailor Made Hydrogen Storages

Low Pressure Hydrogen Storage H2-MHS 200:
Capacity: 36 Ah (12 V)
- Weight 2,5 kg - 200 liters of Hydrogen.

Low Pressure Hydrogen Storage H2-MHS 1200:
Capacity: 220 Ah (12 V)
- Weight 11 kg - 1200 liters of Hydrogen.

Low Pressure Hydrogen Storage H2-MHS 2200:
Capacity: 400 Ah (12 V)
- Weight 26 kg - 2200 liters of Hydrogen.

Low Pressure Hydrogen Storage H2-MHS 8800:
Capacity: 1600 Ah (12 V)
- Weight 102 kg - 8800 liters of Hydrogen.