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VONEN Energy Storage Systems

H2-MHS VONEN Metal HydrideHydrogen Storages & H2 Purifiers


The H2-MHS VONEN Hydrogen Storage System are designed for storage and purification of hydrogen.

The H2-MHS VONEN hydrogen storages comply with the TPED 2010/35/EU (Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive).

NO Self-Discharge

The hydride storage units do not suffer from self-discharge. Hydrogen can be stored for years without any loss of capacity.

Design of Tailor Made Hydrogen Storages

Low Pressure Hydrogen Storage H2-MHS 200:
Capacity: 36 Ah (12 V) - Weight 2,5 kg - 200 liters of Hydrogen.

Low Pressure Hydrogen Storage H2-MHS 1200:
Capacity: 220 Ah (12 V) - Weight 11 kg
- 1200 liters of Hydrogen.

Low Pressure Hydrogen Storage H2-MHS 2200:
Capacity: 400 Ah (12 V)
- Weight 26 kg
- 2200 liters of Hydrogen.

Low Pressure Hydrogen Storage H2-MHS 8800:
Capacity: 1600 Ah (12 V)
- Weight 102 kg - 8800 liters of Hydrogen.

Hydrogen Purification (& Storage) Systems

   H2-MHS VONEN Metal Hydride storages are safe.




The H2-MHS VONEN hydrogen storage's metal hydride not only stores but also purifies and separates impurities from hydrogen.

Hydrogen produced by H2 production systems may contain various impurities, such as oxygen.
H2-MHS VONEN metal hydride only adsorbs H2, leaving the gaseous impurities loose inside the storage.
The H2-MHS VONEN storage and purification system guarantees a 99.99973% hydrogen purity at the storage outlet.