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VonEx Heat Recovery Systems

Complete Systems for Heat Recovery

Heat Rercovery with Bottlebrush Heat Exchangers
Heat Rercovery with Tubular Heat Exchangers

Heat Rercovery Systems - Bottlebrush Heat Exchangers

The Bottlebrush Heat Exchangers can be used for Heat Recovery, even in situations where air / gas impurities like dust, fallen leaves and grease obstruct the traditional heat exchangers: In Combustion and Power Plants, Industrials Processes, Hotels and Restaurants.

An investment in a VonEx Heat Recovery System is profitable:

  • The Pay-Back Period of the investment is extremely short (approximately between 2 and 5 years);

  • The Service Life of the system can be up to 20 years;

  • The energy prices rise continuously.

                                     Heat Rercovery System with Bottlebrush Heat Exchangers

The Heat Transfer Coefficient of the Bottlebrush Heat Exchangers is considerably higher than that of the competing technologies (see VonEx Heat Exchangers), due to the patented helicoidal structure of the tubes and the vast superficial area of the Bottlebrush Heat Exchangers.

Dirty air/gas is not a problem for the Bottlebrush Heat Exchangers. The Heat Exchanger does not get obstructed easily, and even as dirty, the Pressure Drop remains low, as the air/gas always finds a new route to flow through the Heat Exchanger. Fine dust never blocks these Heat Exchangers.

Therefore, the Bottlebrush Heat Exchangers can be used for Heat Recovery in situations where it has not been possible to use traditional heat recovery systems, including in chimneys with dirty and greasy combustion gases.

Heat Rercovery Systems - Tubular Heat Exchangers

                     Heat Rercovery System with Tubular Heat Exchangers, Stainless Steel AISI 316


Air Heaters and Air Preheaters

Air Preheater, 350 kW, to be installed as a part of
a Heat Recovery System.







Dimensioning a Solution for Your Needs


For a quotation of a Heat Recovery System, please click here.



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