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FRESCO2 - The Only Air Purifier

Every employee in an office or a Call Center for instance, produces in average 18 liters of carbon dioxide CO2 per hourStuffy indoor air and feelings of exhaustion among employees indicate that the indoor air CO2 content is too high. This decreases working efficiency.

When the carbon dioxide content of indoor air exceeds 1,000 ppm (parts per million), the indoor air quality does not meet with the requirements for good indoor air of a working environment.

In many situations, increased ventilation can solve the problem. But there are also situations in which increased ventilation causes high costs of indoor air heating or cooling. And sometimes the outdoor air CO2 content is high, too. In such situations the high CO2 content of indoor air can be reduced by efficient recirculation of indoor air and simultaneous capture of CO2 with VONEN's FRESCO2 Air Purifier.

FRESCO2 Air Purifiers increase working and learning efficiency in meeting rooms and offices, school classes and education centers, hospitals and other indoor facilities with high contents of carbon dioxide.

FRESCO2 Air Purifier not only eliminate carbon dioxide. In addition, FRESCO2 eliminates fine particles, mould spores and odors.

FRESCO2 Air Purifier stimulates the work environment and increases work efficiency.

The use of FRESCO2 Air Purifier improves indoor air quality and saves in heating and cooling expenses, because there is no need to increase air ventilation in order to cut down the carbon dioxide content in indoor air.

Therefore, FRESCO2 is always a noteworthy option for professionals choosing air purifiers.

See: Papers on health effects of increased CO2 

Free Standing FRESCO2 - 400


Three Phases - Three Types of Filters

FRESCO2 Air Purifier recycles the indoor air through a three-phase filtration system:

1.  A G5 Combination Filter with activated carbon, eliminates particles and odors;

2.  A HEPA 14 Filter eliminates fine particles, pollen and mould spores;

3.  The CO2 Absorbent filter elements absorb carbon dioxide. The filtered air has zero carbon dioxide content.

Filter Replacement

Various options available for air flow direction and
positioning of the CO2 Extraction

G5 Combination


CO2 Absorbent, Service Life

Every 6 months

Every 3 years

> 10 years in normal use

FRESCO2 Air Purifiers are silent, and they operate automatically without any need for daily care. The CO2 Absorbent needs no replacement, if the other filters are correctly installed.

We have three FRESCO2 Air Purifier models available: 

- FRESCO2 - 100  for rooms with 1 - 3 attendants, mobile;
FRESCO2 - 400 for rooms with 10 attendants, mobile;
FRESCO2 - MAX for facilities with heavier use, mobile;
FRESCO2 - VENT for heavy use, with connections both for
             CO2 extraction and air inlet / fresh air outlet

  FRESCO2 - Some Technical Data

FRESCO2 - 100

FRESCO2 - 400


Dimensions, length x breadth x height, mm

388 x 388 x 930

388 x 388 x 1,700

678 x 465 x 2,050

Power Input in Filtration

30 W

40 W

50 W - 80 W

Power Input in Regeneration

350 W

1.030 W

1.7 kW

Total Energy Consumption / Regeneration, Approx.

1 kWh

3 kWh

5.5 kWh

Air-Flow / Effective Filtration, liters / sec.

10 l/sec - 20 l/sec

30 l/sec - 50 l/sec

50 l/sec - 80 l/sec

We reserve rigths to modifications in these technical values.

More Information

For a quotation or more information, please contact us:

Vonen Engineering, S.L.

C/ Duque de Sesto, 26, E-28009 MADRID, Spain

Phone: (+34) 626 961 443

FRESCO2 - VENT for heavy use, with connections both for CO2 extraction and air inlet / fresh air outlet