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VONENBC Filter Media Design

1. Filter Media Design by Materials

In order to filtrate Nuclear, Biological and Chemical / Gaseous contaminants, we develop, search and use various Filter Media, including:

  • High Efficiency Particle Filtration

  • Microbe Elimination

  • Activated Carbon

  • Impregnated Activated Carbon

  • Activated Alumina Impregnated with Potassium Permanganate

  • Other Gas Absorbents and Catalysts.

Particulate Phase

Nuclear and Biological contaminants are often in (fine) particulate form. Therefore Particulate Filtration is the most efficient tool in their elimination.

As the size of Airborne Bacteria and Virus can reach very small dimensions (e.g. SARS, down to 0.06 μm), we have put efforts in the ultra fine particulate filtration efficiency development. The VONEN Filter Media combined with a fine particle charger, has proved to be the most efficient technology to capture these utra fine hazards in particulate form, which are, later, eliminated by UVC radiation, while trapped in the filter media.


                     Principles for Tailoring NBC AC Filtration Solutions:



Gas Phase

Many gases and chemical agents require a special approach in filter media design. Our two major gas filtration lines eliminate gases by adsorption (above) or by (chemical) reaction with the Filter Media.

Examples of gases not absorbed by the traditional Activated Carbon Derivatives, include Carbon Dioxide CO2 and Carbon Monoxide CO. The filtration of CO and CO2 requires materials producing chemical reactions with the gases, resulting in the conversion of the gas into another chemical product, and therefore, into elimination of the gas as such.


2. Filter Media Design by Size and Form

We design specialty filters for use in buildings, vehicles and equipment and to be used as OEM components in products of other equipment and component manufacturers. To fulfill this task, we cooperate closely with our Clients, Suppliers and Research Laboratories. 

We can design combined low-air-flow-resistance efficient filtration solutions for a wide range of particulate, microbial, nuclear and gaseous contaminants.

We also offer tailored high efficiency low-flow-resistance Filter Bags in different shapes, for large scale, Client-Specific Particulate filtration needs in Specific Sizes and Forms as well as

Tailored CO2 Filter Cartridges for large scale Client-Specific Carbon Dioxide filtration needs.



Laboratory Test Results Available for Our Different Filtration Solutions:

All our filtration technologies have been tested by respected laboratories.


Completed Impartial Laboratory and Field Tests:


Filtration of Volatile Organic Compounds VOC's - Cyclohexane - The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT)

Filtration of Various Chemical Agents and Gases - The Helsinki University of Technology

Filtration of Carbon Dioxide CO2 - The Helsinki University of Technology

Filtration of Ultra Fine Particles (0.1 μm) - VTT  - The Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT)

-  Filter Quality Comparison: EU6, EU7, EU8, HEPA10, VONENBC , HEPA13, ULPA15 - VTT

Filtration of Microbes, Bacteria and Viruses - VTT

-  Measurements of Filtration Efficiencies and Air Flow Rates

-  Tobacco Smoke Filtration Research Report

If you are interested in these or other laboratory test results, please contact us.



Other Materials

We develop, produce and sell

  • Electricity Conducting Carbons and Carbon Nano Tubes

  • Catalyst Materials

  • Electrodes

For more information, see Carbon Nanotubes, Catalyzers, Electrodes .


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