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- Automatic System for CO2 Recovery and Storage



The automatic ASCO2 Recovery System absorbs CO2 from outdoor air. Then, the system releases the pure CO2 gas through a vacuum pump - compressor system into high pressure storage bottles or other high pressure storage systems. The quantities of enrichment of our standard ASCO2 Systems vary by model between a few milligrams and 20 kg per hour, but we also deliver tailored systems according to the client need.

The patented technology is based on the Carbon Dioxide filtration technologies developed originally for modern submarines. In a submarine, the members of the crew produce Carbon Dioxide in volumes that would be mortal, if the gas would not be eliminated from the vessel indoor air.

As the system does not produce CO2, but only adsorbs it from the air, it is a very environmentally friendly technology, which can help you in creating a favorable image for your organization, company or products.

The costs of recovering CO2 using the ASCO2 system are far below the price of CO2 in the market. In addition to electricity costs, there are no material or fuel costs related to the CO2 solution. The ASCO2 Carbon Dioxide Absorbent service life is well over 5,000 recovery cycles, which means years of almost maintenance-free operation. And there is no need to continue carrying the CO2 bottles nor fuels or raw materials to your premises.

The complete autonomy of the Automatic ASCO2 CO2 Recovery System is very long. You switch it on, and it will carry out the CO2 Recovery automatically, for between 3 and 20 years. It is only necessary to change the prefilter (for particles in the air) 1 - 4 times a year. The cost (energy costs included) per a kilogram of CO2 recovered, is less than half of the corresponding price of CO2 produced by combustion methods. Also, the cost saving in the form of a dramatic reduction in labor hours and discontinued contamination of the climate of your premises by combustion gases have to be considered.



Description of the Technology


ASCO2 is the principal technology of carbon dioxide filtration in Building Engineering. 





Description of the Technology


The Automatic ASCO2 Carbon Dioxide Recovery System adsorbs CO2 from the air or other gases and pressurizes it into high pressure gas storages.



Adsorption of CO2 


1) A ventilator blows outdoor air through a CO2 Absorbent Cassette. The carbon dioxide absorbent media is amine impregnated in polystyrene. The chemical reaction can be described as follows:


The Chemical Absorption Reaction, ASCO2
Amine + H2O → (Amine - H2O) and then (Amine - H2O) + CO2 → (Amine - H2CO3)



2) CO2 is blown to the greenhouse or to high-pressure storage bottles and the purified air without CO2 is blown back to the atmosphere.


The efficiency of absorption is demonstrated by tests realized by the Helsinki University of Technology:


Test Data:
Concentration of CO2 in the Air Intake: 350 ppm;

Air Flow: 6 liters / minute = 360 l / h;
Absorbent (Amine) Weight: 25 grams:

The tests show that 25 grams of our patented Amine can absorb all  (100%) of the 350 ppm CO2 in airflow of 360 l/h during 9 hours and 30 minutes.



Desorption of CO2

During the CO2 Adsorbent Regeneration, the adsorbed carbon dioxide is released by heating the
ASCO2 absorbent by hot air blown through the cassette. The warm air is generated by an internal heater of the equipment or by an autonomous heater.



Desorption (Regeneration):
(Amine - H
2CO3) + Heat Amine + H2O + CO2


If the heat produced during the process is not needed, the ASCO2 System can be equipped with a Gas Refrigerator that lowers the temperature to the level required.






Automatic System for CO2 Recovery

-  CO2 Recovery capacity: 0,8 kg/hour / outdoor air (with 380 ppm CO2)
-  Option: Dehumidifier
-  CO2 Grade:  Up to 98,5%, if Dehumidifier used
Other models of ASCO2 MX are delivered according to CO2 recovery need.




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