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CH-TBF VONEN Vent Filters

VONEN Engineering is a global provider of Tank Breather Filters (TBF). Close to 300 units of VONEN Tank Breather Filters (TBF VONEN) are installed in several countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and in the American continent.

VONEN Chemical Storage Tank Breathers can be used in a wide range of applications

- To ABSORP/ADSORP chemical vapors during out breathing of storage tanks

- To PROTECT stored liquid from contaminants of ambient air during inbreathing

- ATEX Tank Breathers

- Both Atmospheric and High Pressure ASME U Stamp Tank Breathers

- We have Delivered VONEN TBF's for gas flows ranging between 2 and 12,000 Nm3/hr.

VONEN has an outstanding know-how and experience of best available ab-/adsorbents for different pollutants.


VONEN Reliability:

- VONEN's global clientele consists of close to 200 VONEN TBF customers (Feb. 2013).

- VONEN's annual (2012) global sales of Replacement ab-/adsorbents for Tank Breathers was over 100 tonnes.

- Average global sales of Replacement ab-/adsorbents per each of the approx. 200 TBF customers exceeds 0.5 tonnes/yr.

Characteristics of TBF VONEN:

- Filtration efficiency up to 100%.

- Standard and Tailor-Made Breathers - Dimensioned according to customer's need and the API standards.

- Construction material according to gas and vapor flow specifications.

- Easy replacement of filter cells.

- Several TBF models equipped with  measuring systems to indicate need for adsorbent replacement.

- The internal honeycomb construction of the filter cells stops settling and migration of the filter medium.

- No bypass of contaminated air without loss of ab-/adsorption capacity.

- Low pressure drop.


- Both Atmospheric and High Pressure ASME U Stamp Tank Breathers

- Suitable for operation in cold or hot climate.

- Suitable for installation indoor and outdoor.

- Flange connection.

- Pressure differential gauge.

- Pressure and vacuum relive valves.


Applications of VONEN Tank Breathers:

- Pharmaceutical Plants / Pharmaceutical

- Chemical Production of Fluids / Chemicals and Powders

- Power Stations / Demineralized Water Storage Tanks

- Solar Thermal Power Stations / HTF Ullage System Vents

- Food and beverage industry / Edible Oils and Beverages

- Lubricants and Fuels

- Septic Tanks


VONEN Tank Breather with 8.8 m3 Adsorbent Capacity inside an
internal Carbon Module





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CA-HTF VONEN for HTF Ullage System Vents at Solar Thermal Power Stations.

CO2 Absorbers for Demineralized Water Tank Vents



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