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Air & Gas Purification
CO2 TBF VONEN Tank Breather Filters
-  Hydrogen Purification (& Storage) Systems
-  FRESCO2 Air Purifiers
Activated Carbon Filters
CH-TBF VONEN Tank Breather Filters
Activated Carbon Filters
-  Gas & Chemical Agent Filter Design
-  Particle Filtration Indoor-Air
-  Microbes & Biological Agent Filtration
-  NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical)
      Filtration and Tailor-Made Solutions
Hydrogen Taming & Energy Storage
-  Hydrogen Storage & Purification Systems
-  Fuel Cells
Carbon Dioxide CO2 Control

Industrial CO2 Filtration & Recovery

      - CO2 Tank Breather Filters

-  Automatic CO2 Recovery & Storage

ASCO2 Greenhouse CO2 Enrichment
Heat Transmission
-  HTF Condensers
VonEx Heat Exchangers for
   -  No-Frost Evaporators
   -  Heat Recovery and Heating
Specialty Materials
-  Carbon Nanotubes, Catalyzers,
-  Gas Absorbents and Materials Producing
     Chemical Reactions with Gases


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About VONEN Engineering

The VONEN Group is a Family-Owned Business located in Madrid, Spain and Helsinki, Finland.

We provide our customers with solutions for
1) Air and Gas Purification;

2) On-Site, Zero-Emission Energy Systems;

3) Energy Storage Systems.

Due to the essence of the product offering, our mission is global.


"Power for Evolution"?


Our vanguard technical resources and products offer both our clientele and ourselves a definitive tecnhological competitive adavantage related to our competitors, guaranteeing, simultaneously, an improvement of the ecologic corporate image of your company.


Technological Background and Know-How

We have assisted world's leading power companies as well as water treatment and industrial plant designers in solving their filtration problems. We know the technologies available for secure air and gas quality control as well as for hydrogen based energy storage and utilization.

Below we describe Vonen's technical resources available for the design of tailor made tecnical solutions for your process and / or product development needs.


VONEN Group's Resources Available for Technical Design


Below we describe also our overall interaction processes. The importance of management of both data flows related to technical requirement data collection from customers and technical solution planning and product design with our manufacturing service providers can not be overstated.



We trust that our product and design-service offering fulfills all you quality standards.

We look forward to your contact.


Sincerely yours,


The VONEN Group


Pekka Savonen, managing director

Office in Spain:
Vonen Engineering, S.L.   -    C/
Padilla, 57, 1o A
Izq.  -  28006 MADRID, Spain
Tel: (+34)  626 961 443   -    -

Office in Finland:
   -    Tarkk'ampujankatu 14 B 46   -    00150 HELSINKI, Finland
Phone: +358 (0)4 51578700
   -    -
VAT Number Finland 2556581-7


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